Narrow Casting done right from your WordPress site!
The only fully integrated system in the world.

Maintaining your timeline has never been so easy. Don’t do things twice? Save time and do them once!

Simply the best. Read why!

WP Casting uses the content which is already available on your website like your pages, posts, vacancies, forms, social media streams and much more. You only have to choose what, where and how long you want to show certain content.

Don’t manage yet another Narrow Casting System to maintain your TV broadcasts. We connect it directly to your WordPress website and you only have to choose what, where and how long you want to show certain content.

Always have your Narrow Casting slides in the correct look-and-feel of your company without having to design templates or slides. We have done it already for you. Just focus on the content and get more sales.

Fast delivery

We can deliver your complete system within a week. If you need our designskills it will take some more time depending on the speed of the feedback of the client.

Easy to learn

You have to learn almost nothing. Can you drag an item from 1 position to another? Can you make choises for what you want to show on your timeline? And for how long? Well that’s it. 

Everyhing automated

Because your site (blog, items, vacancies, products) are updated already in your WordPress website, these will all be automatically updated and renewed in your TV broadcast timeline.

Safe money earn more

Our narrow casting system pricing is sharper then any system out there. You can compare it yourselve. Besides that… you will save a ton of money with our automated features. A ton of time, we promise.

Safe money and work smarter.

Be smarter that’s what we always say. So, you are managing you website, webshop and your narrow casting system all as seperate systems?

Well, that can be done a lot smarter. This will safe you loads of time and thus safe you loads of money. Besides that, it will look and work better then any other narrow casting Saas system out on the current market.

Contact us and we will explain how we work.

We are going to setup a competition list to show you the differences between current existing narrow casting systems. This will show you how unique our system is.