Narrow Casting done right from your WordPress site!
The only fully integrated system in the world.

Maintaining your timeline has never been so easy. Don’t do things twice? Save time and do them once!

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Absolutely fantastic! Before i had a narrow casting system in which i needed to design my own slides and build the content within. Took me ages and in the end it didn’t look like i wanted to. These guys took all that work out of my hands i only needed to put my objects into the timeline and of we went. Don’t look any further, i am absolutely sure you will love this.

Peter Haegens


Best investment i ever did. Everything went smooth and in no-time we had our TV up and running. As promised all the content came from our website and it was a breeze. Didn’t expect it to be that easy and it’s really looking great. We only have to keep blogging en manage our site just as they say. Keep it up guys (and girls 😉

Karel de Groot


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I run 3 barbershops in different area’s and we needed something easy for our TV broadcasting in our salons. I talked to Dennis and he explained perfectly how their system works and what the differences are. They delivered on time and as promised and it’s running like a clock for over a year now. Never had any issues. 5 star rating well deserved.

Marc Zevenaar


One thing i remember is how quickly you replied to my questions. They actually understand the importance of support. I had a missing piece which i wanted to have in my timeline but it was added to the components as an extra tool within a week. I like the simplicity of it because i am not a tech wonder so for me it needed to be simple. And it is. Everybody can do this. Great work.

Micah Nolten